Photographic Courses

Ian Fleming has 50 years of experience in the professional photographic industry, courses have been running in Knysna since 2008, our students of all ages come from South Africa, we also get students from the UK, Holland, Germany, America, Canada,

Czech Republic and Japan.

So whether you want to tell a story, sell a product or just capture the beauty around you, photography is essential for fulfilling your creative vision. You will be taken on outings where you will learn how to take photos in different settings and with different subjects.

Our first day will start in our amazing state of the art training center in Knysna.

Our course material was developed by Ian Fleming, work originally started on this digital package in 2006, it contains over three hundred pages of information, it is menu driven and linked to a camera simulator.

Our meals are served at local restaurants.

We run a two day course twice a month, if you want to do a one day you simply do the first day of our two day course, the cost for the one day is R1800.00 and R2800.00 for the two day, this includes course material and lunch. 

Photographic Courses on Film

Our course runs over two days at a cost of R3800.00 it is limited to two people.


Day one, we meet at our studio where you are presented with a 35mm film camera, the lens of choice will be the good old standard 50mm, we will be armed with tripods a Gossen Lunasix lighmeter and tripods.A short exercise on the handling of these great cameras and loading of the Black & White film.We travel to a destination of our choice and commence shooting, this will be followed by lunch in the bush, after this great meal we continue shooting.Return to the studio, the excitement is high and we process our film.


Day two, we start with a short lecture on the printing of Black & White prints, followed by the actual printing done in our new darkroom.We eat lunch at a great restaurant and then return to complete our printing.The course includes the use of the cameras, all meals,transport, one 36 exposure Black & White film, paper and chemicals.