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     For before and after Knee Surgery & after Hip Replacement

In November 2018 I had a complete knee replacement,  so after the operation, it was tempting to take it easy on the exercise front for a while. That's understandable. After all, there's a good chance excessive strain on your knee due to overuse or injury  caused you to need a knee replacement in the first place. However, experts agree exercise is a crucial component to healing after a knee replacement.

The most important one for me was done in hospital and thereafter at the Physiotherapist using a very fancy  knee bending machine, one week after the operation standing on my crutches I decided to design and build my own therapy unit.

The results were amazing to say the least, I dumped my crutches after 16 days and started driving after 22 days.

Ian Fleming.

Easy Glider can be used for numerous applications,before and after knee and hip surgery, Tibial Plateau Fracture, shoulder and leg exercises.

The length of the stretch can go up to 540mm

Easy Glider makes use of a soft easy pod for greater comfort..

Easy Glider comes with height adjusters giving you another three options.

Easy Glider also has a wall mount bracket for arm and shoulder exercises.

Easy Glider double version can be used for numerous applications,

before and after knee surgery, Tibial Plateau Fracture, shoulder and leg exercises.

However the Glider is ideal for people that want to get mobility while being in bed.

The length of the stretch can go up to 540mm

R2980.00 Excluding courier fees.

Easy Glide should ONLY be used by total hip replacement (total hip arthroplasty) patients, under the direct supervision of a health professional as used incorrectly could cause displacement in the prosthetic implant. Under no circumstances should it ever be used for side to side sliding.

You can order a Easy Glider Single for the introductory amount of  R1940.00.

 Double Glider R2980.00 

Orders can be collected by your own courier. You need to be a medical practitioner to be supplied.

Ian Fleming 083 260 2537